The base classes that specialized Analytical domain schemas extend.


Name Description  
AnalyticalElement Spatially located, simulating zero or more SpatialLocationElement or PhysicalElement instances in light of a specialized analytical perspective.  
AnalyticalModel A container for persisting AnalyticalElement instances used to model a specialized analytical perspective.  
AnalyticalPartition An AnalyticalPartition element indicates that there is a specialized analytical perspective within  
AnalyticalSchema Schema class for the Analytical domain.  
AnalyticalSimulatesSpatialElement Relates an AnalyticalElement to the SpatialLocationElement or PhysicalElement it is simulating within the specialized analytical perspective.  
AnalyticalType Defines a shared set of properties (the 'type') that can be associated with an AnalyticalElement.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024