UiEventDispatcher Class

Deprecated  in 4.2.x Use SyncUiEventDispatcher from @itwin/appui-react.

This class is used to send eventIds to interested UI components so the component can determine if it needs to refresh its display by calling setState on itself.


Name Description
constructor(): UiEventDispatcher    
checkForAdditionalIds(): void Trigger registered event processing when timer has expired and no addition eventId are added.  
dispatchImmediateSyncUiEvent(eventId: string): void Immediately trigger sync event processing.  
dispatchSyncUiEvent(eventId: string): void Save eventId in Set for processing.  
dispatchSyncUiEvents(eventIds: string[]): void Save multiple eventIds in Set for processing.  
hasEventOfInterest(eventIds: Set<string>, idsOfInterest: string[]): boolean Checks to see if an eventId of interest is contained in the set of eventIds  


Name Type Description
onSyncUiEvent Accessor ReadOnly UiSyncEvent Return UiSyncEvent so callers can register an event callback.  
syncEventIds Accessor ReadOnly Set<string> Return set of event ids that will be sent to listeners/.  
timeoutPeriod Accessor ReadOnly number The current timeout period  

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Last Updated: 04 December, 2023