CursorInformation Class

Cursor Information class


Name Description
constructor(): CursorInformation    
getRelativePositionFromCursorDirection(cursorDirection: CursorDirection): RelativePosition Static Gets the relative position based on the cursor direction.  
handleMouseMove(point: Readonly<WritableXAndY>): void Static Handles the mouse movement.  


Name Type Description
cursorDirection Accessor StaticReadOnly CursorDirection Gets the general cursor movement direction.  
cursorPosition Accessor Static Readonly<WritableXAndY> The cursor position.  
cursorX Accessor StaticReadOnly number Gets the cursor X position.  
cursorY Accessor StaticReadOnly number Gets the cursor Y position.  
onCursorUpdatedEvent StaticReadonly CursorUpdatedEvent Gets the CursorUpdatedEvent.  

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Last Updated: 01 December, 2023