Classes for working with various pickers


Name Description  
ExpandableSection Expandable Section React component  
ListPicker List Picker that lets the user pick from a list of items to enable/disable  
ListPickerItem List Picker Item React component  
ViewSelector View Selector React component  
ViewSelectorChangedEvent ViewSelector Changed Event class. Deprecated


Name Description  
ListItemType Enum for the list picker item type  

Global Functions

Name Description  
IModelConnectedViewSelector ViewSelector that is connected to the IModelConnection property in the Redux store.  


Name Description  
ExpandableSectionProps Properties for the ExpandableSection component  
ListItem List picker item  
ListPickerItemProps Properties for the ListPickerItem component  
ListPickerProps Properties for the ListPicker component  
ListPickerPropsExtended Properties for the ListPicker component  
ViewSelectorChangedEventArgs ViewSelectorChangedEvent Args interface. Deprecated
ViewSelectorProps Properties for the ViewSelector component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ViewSelectorDefaultProps Default properties of ViewSelector component.  

Last Updated: 07 June, 2024