Classes and components for working with Properties.


Name Description  
ActionButtonList ActionButtonList React component.  
ArrayPropertyValueRenderer Default Array Property Renderer  
DoublePropertyValueRenderer Default Double Property Renderer Deprecated
MergedPropertyValueRenderer Default Merged Property Renderer  
NavigationPropertyValueRenderer Default Navigation Property Renderer Deprecated
NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer A React component that renders a non-primitive property label.  
NonPrimitivePropertyRenderer React Component that renders struct and array properties  
PrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer A React component that renders a primitive property label  
PrimitivePropertyRenderer React Component that renders primitive properties  
PrimitivePropertyValueRenderer Default Primitive Property Renderer  
PropertyRenderer A React component that renders properties  
PropertyValueRendererManager Default implementation of property value renderer manager  
PropertyView A React component that renders property as label/value pair  
StructPropertyValueRenderer Default Struct Property Renderer  
TableArrayValueRenderer A react component which renders array property value as a button with text  
TableNonPrimitiveValueRenderer A React component that renders non primitive values as a button with text.  
TableStructValueRenderer A react component which renders struct property value as a button with text  
UrlPropertyValueRenderer URL property value renderer that renders the whole value as a URL without matching it  


Name Description  
Default link handler used for handling records,  
ItemStyleProvider Style provider for stylable items like TreeNodeItem  
TableRowStyleProvider Style provider for table rows  


Name Description  
PropertyContainerType Types of property containers  

Global Functions

Name Description  
CustomizablePropertyRenderer React Component that renders customizable properties  
LinksRenderer React component for rendering string with links.  
Renders anchor tag by wrapping or splitting provided text  
withContextStyle Wraps a React component with a span element with a given style attribute  
If record has links, wraps stringValue in them, otherwise returns unchanged stringValue  


Name Description  
ActionButtonListProps Properties of ActionButtonList React component  
ActionButtonRendererProps Properties of ActionButtonRenderer  
IPropertyValueRenderer Custom property value renderer interface  
ItemColorOverrides Color overrides for styled item  
ItemStyle Style properties for styled item like TreeNodeItem  
LinksRendererProps Properties for LinksRenderer component.  
NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRendererProps Properties for the NonPrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer React component  
NonPrimitivePropertyRendererProps Properties of NonPrimitivePropertyRenderer React component  
PrimitivePropertyLabelRendererProps Properties of a PrimitivePropertyLabelRenderer React component  
PrimitiveRendererProps Properties of PrimitivePropertyRenderer React component  
PropertyDialogState State of the Dialog component in a container which renders properties  
PropertyLabelRendererProps Base properties for a property label renderer  
PropertyPopupState State of the Popup component in a container which renders properties  
PropertyRendererProps Properties of PropertyRenderer React component  
PropertyValueRendererContext Additional parameters to the renderer  
PropertyViewProps Properties of PropertyView React component  
SharedRendererProps Properties shared by all renderers and PropertyView  
SharedTableNonPrimitiveValueRendererProps Shared properties between table non-primitive value renderers  
TableNonPrimitiveValueRendererProps Properties for TableNonPrimitiveValueRenderer React component  
TableSpecificValueRendererProps Properties for TableArrayValueRenderer and TableStructValueRenderer React component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ActionButtonRenderer Renders a React component (usually a button) for a PropertyRecord  

Last Updated: 07 June, 2024