Classes and components for working with PropertyFilterBuilder.


Name Description  
PropertyFilterRuleGroupOperator Logical operator for joining rules. Beta
PropertyFilterRuleOperator Operators for comparing property value in rule. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
getPropertyFilterOperatorLabel Function that returns display label for rule operator. Beta
getPropertyFilterOperators Function that returns set of available operator based on property type. Beta
isPropertyFilterRuleGroup Function that checks if supplied filter is rule group. Beta
isUnaryPropertyFilterOperator Function that checks if supplied operator is unary. Beta
PropertyFilterBuilder Component for building complex filters. Beta


Name Description  
PropertyFilterBuilderProps Props for PropertyFilterBuilder component. Beta
PropertyFilterRule Data structure that describes single filter rule. Beta
PropertyFilterRuleGroup Data structure that describes group of filter rules. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
PropertyFilter Type that describes property filter. Beta

Last Updated: 25 January, 2023