Classes for working with Type Converters.


Name Description  
BasePointTypeConverter Point type converter.  
BooleanTypeConverter Boolean Type Converter.  
CompositeTypeConverter Composite type converter  
DateTimeTypeConverter Date Time Type Converter.  
DateTimeTypeConverterBase DateTime Type Converter.  
EnumTypeConverter Enum Type Converter.  
FloatTypeConverter Float Type Converter.  
HexadecimalTypeConverter Hexadecimal Type Converter.  
IntTypeConverter Int Type Converter.  
NavigationPropertyTypeConverter Navigation property type converter.  
NumericTypeConverterBase Base Numeric Type Converter.  
Point2dTypeConverter Point2d type converter.  
Point3dTypeConverter Point3d type converter.  
ShortDateTypeConverter Short Date Type Converter.  
StringTypeConverter String Type Converter.  
TypeConverter Type Converter base class.  
TypeConverterManager Manages Type Converters.  


Name Description  
LessGreaterOperatorProcessor Operators for Numeric types, DateTime, TimeSpan, or any type that supports these comparisons  
NullableOperatorProcessor Operators for all filterable null-able types  
OperatorProcessor Operators for all filterable types  
SortComparer Sort compare method for types that support sorting  
StringOperatorProcessor Operators for string types  


Name Description  
ConvertedPrimitives Converted Primitives namespace  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024