Classes for working with iModels. See the learning article.


Name Description  
BriefcaseDb A local copy of an iModel from iModelHub that can pull and potentially push changesets.  
BriefcaseManager Manages downloading Briefcases and downloading and uploading changesets.  
Category A Category element is the target of the category member of GeometricElement.  
ChangeSummaryManager Class to extract Change Summaries for a briefcase.  
DrawingCategory Categorizes 2d GeometricElements.  
IModelDb An iModel database file.  
IModelElementCloneContext The context for transforming a source Element to a target Element and remapping internal identifiers to the target iModel.  
SnapshotDb A snapshot iModel database file that is used for archival and data transfer purposes.  
SpatialCategory Categorizes SpatialElements.  
StandaloneDb Standalone iModels are read/write files that are not associated with an iTwin or managed by iModelHub.  
SubCategory Defines the appearance for graphics in Geometric elements  
TxnManager Manages local changes to a BriefcaseDb or StandaloneDb via Txns  


Name Description  
IModelCloneContext Deprecated


Name Description  
ProgressStatus Return value from ProgressFunction.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
getAvailableCoordinateReferenceSystems Get a list of Geographic Coordinate Reference Systems.  


Name Description  
AvailableCoordinateReferenceSystemProps Describes a geographic coordinate reference system produced by getAvailableCoordinateReferenceSystems.  
ChangeInstanceKey Represents a change (insertion, deletion, or modification) to a single EC instance made in a local BriefcaseDb.  
ChangeSummary Represents an instance of the ChangeSummary ECClass from the ECDbChange ECSchema  
CheckpointProps Properties of a checkpoint  
CloudContainerArgs Augments a SnapshotDbOpenArgs or OpenBriefcaseArgs with a CloudContainer.  
ComputedProjectExtents The result of computeProjectExtents.  
ComputeProjectExtentsOptions Options supplied to computeProjectExtents.  
CreateChangeSummaryArgs Options for ChangeSummaryManager.createChangeSummaries.  
GetAvailableCoordinateReferenceSystemsArgs Arguments supplied to getAvailableCoordinateReferenceSystems.  
InstanceChange Represents an instance of the InstanceChange ECClass from the ECDbChange ECSchema  
LockControl Interface for acquiring element locks to coordinate simultaneous edits from multiple briefcases.  
PushChangesArgs Parameters for pushing changesets to iModelHub  
QueryLocalChangesArgs Arguments supplied to queryLocalChanges.  
RequestNewBriefcaseArg The argument for downloadBriefcase  
SchemaImportOptions Options for the importing of schemas  
ToChangesetArgs Specifies a specific index for pulling changes.  
TokenArg Argument to a function that can accept a valid access token.  
TxnChangedEntities Describes a set of Elements or Models that changed as part of a transaction.  
UpdateModelOptions Options for IModelDb.Models.updateModel  
ValidationError An error generated during dependency validation.  


Name Description  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
IModelCloneContext Deprecated
OpenBriefcaseArgs Arguments to open a BriefcaseDb  
ProgressFunction Called to show progress during a download.  
PullChangesArgs Arguments for pullAndApplyChangesets  
SnapshotDbOpenArgs Options to open a SnapshotDb.  
TxnIdString A string that identifies a Txn.  

Last Updated: 12 June, 2024