Classes for working with errors.


Name Description  
BentleyError Base exception class for iTwin.js exceptions.  
UnexpectedErrors Utility for handling/reporting unexpected runtime errors.  


Name Description  
BentleyStatus Standard status code.  
BriefcaseStatus Error status from various briefcase operations Beta
ChangeSetStatus Error status from various Changeset operations Beta
GeoServiceStatus GeoServiceStatus errors  
HttpStatus Status from returned HTTP status code Beta
IModelHubStatus iModelHub Services Errors Beta
IModelStatus Status codes that are used in conjunction with BentleyError.  
RepositoryStatus Return codes for methods which perform repository management operations Beta
RpcInterfaceStatus RpcInterface status codes Beta


Name Description  
StatusCodeWithMessage When you want to associate an explanatory message with an error status value. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
Optional metadata attached to a BentleyError.  

Last Updated: 03 February, 2023