APIs for producing and manipulating annotations like text, dimensions, and labels.


Name Description  
FractionRun A Run containing a numeric ratio to be displayed as a numerator and denominator separated by a horizontal or diagonal bar.  
LineBreakRun A Run that represents the end of a line of text within a Paragraph.  
Paragraph A collection of Runs within a TextBlock.  
TextAnnotation Represents a formatted block of text positioned in 2d or 3d space.  
TextBlock Represents a formatted text document consisting of a series of Paragraphs, each laid out on a separate line and containing their own content in the form of Runs.  
TextBlockComponent Abstract representation of any of the building blocks that make up a TextBlock document - namely Runs, Paragraphs, and TextBlock itself.  
TextRun The most common type of Run, containing a sequence of characters to be displayed using a single style.  
TextStyle A named, immutable TextStyleSettings stored in a Workspace.  
TextStyleSettings A description of the formatting to be applied to a TextBlockComponent.  


Name Description  
ApplyTextStyleOptions Options supplied to applyStyle to control how the style is applied to the component and its child components.  
FractionRunProps JSON representation of a FractionRun.  
LineBreakRunProps JSON representation of a LineBreakRun.  
ParagraphProps JSON representation of a Paragraph.  
TextAnnotationAnchor Describes how to compute the "anchor point" for a TextAnnotation.  
TextAnnotationCreateArgs Arguments supplied to TextAnnotation.create.  
TextAnnotationProps JSON representation of a TextAnnotation.  
TextBlockComponentProps The JSON representation of a TextBlockComponent.  
TextBlockGeometryProps JSON representation of the geometric primitives that can be used to display a TextBlock.  
TextBlockProps JSON representation of a TextBlock.  
TextBlockStringifyOptions Options supplied to stringify to control how the content is formatted.  
TextRunProps JSON representation of a TextRun.  
TextStyleProps The JSON representation of a TextStyle.  
TextStyleSettingsProps Serves both as the JSON representation of a TextStyleSettings, and a way for a TextBlockComponent to selectively override aspects of a TextStyle's properties.  


Name Description  
Run A sequence of characters within a Paragraph that share a single style.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BaselineShift Describes whether the characters of a TextRun should be displayed normally, in subscript, or in superscript.  
RunProps The JSON representation of a Run.  
StackedFractionType Specifies how to separate the numerator and denominator of a FractionRun, by either a horizontal or diagonal bar.  
TextBlockGeometryPropsEntry A single entry in a TextBlockGeometryProps, representing one of the following primitive types:  
TextBlockJustification Describes the relative alignment of the content of a TextBlock.  
TextStyleColor Describes the color in which to draw the text in a TextRun.  

Last Updated: 12 June, 2024