RenderSchedule.ScriptBuilder Class

Assembles the JSON representation for a new RenderSchedule.Script. As an extremely simple example, the following code produces a script that changes the color of a single element:

 const script = new ScriptBuilder();
 const model = script.addModelTimeline("0x123");
 const element = model.addElementTimeline([ "0x456" ]);
 element.addColor(, new RgbColor(0xff, 0x7f, 0));
 const scriptProps = script.finish();


Name Description
constructor(): RenderSchedule.ScriptBuilder    
addModelTimeline(modelId: string): RenderSchedule.ModelTimelineBuilder Add a new RenderSchedule.ModelTimeline to be applied to the specified model.  
finish(): RenderSchedule.ScriptProps Obtain the JSON representation of the RenderSchedule.Script produced by this builder.  

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Last Updated: 11 November, 2022