TerrainSettings Class

Normalized version of TerrainProps for which provider has been validated and default values of all members are used.


Name Description
constructor(props?: TerrainProps): TerrainSettings    
constructor(providerName?: string, exaggeration?: number, applyLighting?: boolean, heightOrigin?: number, heightOriginMode?: TerrainHeightOriginMode): TerrainSettings   Deprecated  
clone(changedProps?: TerrainProps): TerrainSettings Create a copy of this TerrainSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
equals(other: TerrainSettings): boolean    
equalsJSON(json?: BackgroundMapProps): boolean Returns true if these settings are equivalent to the supplied JSON settings.  
toJSON(): TerrainProps    
fromCesiumIonAsset(assetId: string = CesiumTerrainAssetId.Default, options?: Omit<TerrainProps, "providerName" | "dataSource">): TerrainSettings Static Create settings that obtain terrain from a Cesium ION asset such as  
fromJSON(json?: TerrainProps): TerrainSettings Static    


Name Type Description
applyLighting Readonly boolean Applying lighting can help to visualize subtle terrain variations.  
dataSource Readonly string Identifies the specific terrain data source to be supplied by the TerrainProvider identified by TerrainSettings.providerName,  
exaggeration Readonly number A value greater than one will cause terrain height to be exaggerated/scaled.  
heightOrigin Readonly number Origin value - height of the IModel origin at the project center as defined by heightOriginMode.  
heightOriginMode Readonly TerrainHeightOriginMode Determines how/if the heightOrigin is applied to the terrain height.  
providerName Readonly string Identifies the TerrainProvider that will supply terrain meshes.  

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024