Types for working with ECSQL, Spatial Queries, and ECSQL Geometry Functions.


Name Description  
ECJsNames Utility to format ECProperty names according to the iTwin.js formatting rules.  


Name Description  
ChangedValueState The enum represents the values for the ChangedValueState argument of the ECSQL function Changes.  
ChangeOpCode Equivalent of the ECEnumeration OpCode in the ECDbChange ECSchema.  
ECSqlSystemProperty Defines the ECSQL system properties.  
ECSqlValueType Describes the different data types an ECSQL value can be of.  


Name Description  
NavigationBindingValue An ECSQL Navigation value which can be bound to a navigation property ECSQL parameter  
NavigationValue An ECSQL Navigation value.  

Last Updated: 02 December, 2021