ignoreAnimationOverrides Method

Accepts a criterion that determines whether color and transparency overrides originating from the view's RenderSchedule.Script should be ignored for a given element. The function receives a description of the element in question and returns true if the script's overrides should be ignored. Any number of such functions can be registered; if any one of them returns true, the script's overrides are not applied to the specified element.

For example, applications commonly emphasize a set of elements by applying a FeatureAppearance.emphasized override to them, and specifying a highly-transparent default appearance to de-emphasize the rest of the elements in the view. If some of the de-emphasized elements' appearances are also being overridden by the schedule script, then they won't appear de-emphasized, making it difficult for the emphasized elements to stand out. In situations like this, FeatureOverrideProviders like EmphasizeElements can register an IgnoreAnimationOverrides function that returns true if the element in question is not in the set of emphasized elements.

ignoreAnimationOverrides(ignore: IgnoreAnimationOverrides): void

Parameter Type Description
ignore IgnoreAnimationOverrides  

Returns - void

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Last Updated: 19 August, 2022