ColorByName Variable

A set of known colors by HTML color name, as a 32-bit integer in the form 0xBBGGRR (red is the low byte). This is different than color values in #RRGGBB format for HTML pages (red and blue are swapped).


{ aliceBlue: number, amber: number, antiqueWhite: number, aqua: number, aquamarine: number, azure: number, beige: number, bisque: number, black: number, blanchedAlmond: number, blue: number, blueViolet: number, brown: number, burlyWood: number, cadetBlue: number, chartreuse: number, chocolate: number, coral: number, cornSilk: number, cornflowerBlue: number, crimson: number, cyan: number, darkBlue: number, darkBrown: number, darkCyan: number, darkGoldenrod: number, darkGray: number, darkGreen: number, darkGrey: number, darkKhaki: number, darkMagenta: number, darkOliveGreen: number, darkOrange: number, darkOrchid: number, darkRed: number, darkSalmon: number, darkSeagreen: number, darkSlateBlue: number, darkSlateGray: number, darkSlateGrey: number, darkTurquoise: number, darkViolet: number, deepPink: number, deepSkyBlue: number, dimGray: number, dimGrey: number, dodgerBlue: number, fireBrick: number, floralWhite: number, forestGreen: number, fuchsia: number, gainsboro: number, ghostWhite: number, gold: number, goldenrod: number, gray: number, green: number, greenYellow: number, grey: number, honeydew: number, hotPink: number, indianRed: number, indigo: number, ivory: number, khaki: number, lavender: number, lavenderBlush: number, lawnGreen: number, lemonChiffon: number, lightBlue: number, lightCoral: number, lightCyan: number, lightGoldenrodYellow: number, lightGray: number, lightGreen: number, lightGrey: number, lightPink: number, lightSalmon: number, lightSeagreen: number, lightSkyBlue: number, lightSlateGray: number, lightSlateGrey: number, lightSteelBlue: number, lightyellow: number, lime: number, limeGreen: number, linen: number, magenta: number, maroon: number, mediumAquamarine: number, mediumBlue: number, mediumOrchid: number, mediumPurple: number, mediumSeaGreen: number, mediumSlateBlue: number, mediumSpringGreen: number, mediumTurquoise: number, mediumVioletRed: number, midnightBlue: number, mintCream: number, mistyRose: number, moccasin: number, navajoWhite: number, navy: number, oldLace: number, olive: number, oliveDrab: number, orange: number, orangeRed: number, orchid: number, paleGoldenrod: number, paleGreen: number, paleTurquoise: number, paleVioletRed: number, papayaWhip: number, peachPuff: number, peru: number, pink: number, plum: number, powderBlue: number, purple: number, rebeccaPurple: number, red: number, rosyBrown: number, royalBlue: number, saddleBrown: number, salmon: number, sandyBrown: number, seaGreen: number, seaShell: number, sienna: number, silver: number, skyBlue: number, slateBlue: number, slateGray: number, slateGrey: number, snow: number, springGreen: number, steelBlue: number, tan: number, teal: number, thistle: number, tomato: number, turquoise: number, violet: number, wheat: number, white: number, whiteSmoke: number, yellow: number, yellowGreen: number }

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Last Updated: 20 May, 2022