Clipper Interface

An object containing clipping planes that can be used to clip geometry.

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Name Description
announceClippedArcIntervals(arc: Arc3d, announce?: AnnounceNumberNumberCurvePrimitive): boolean Find the portion (or portions) of the arc (if any) that are within the convex clip volume.  
announceClippedSegmentIntervals(f0: number, f1: number, pointA: Point3d, pointB: Point3d, announce?: AnnounceNumberNumber): boolean Find the parts of the line segment (if any) that is within the convex clip volume.  
isPointOnOrInside(point: Point3d, tolerance?: number): boolean Test if point is on or inside the Clipper's volume.  


Name Type Description
appendPolygonClip undefined | AppendPolygonClipFunction Optional polygon clip method.  

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Last Updated: 04 December, 2023