A Polyface is a mesh structure with arrays of points that are shared among multiple incident facets.


Name Description  
AuxChannel Represents a single PolyfaceAuxData channel.  
AuxChannelData Represents the AuxChannel data at a single input value.  
ClippedPolyfaceBuilders A pair of PolyfaceBuilder objects, for use by clippers that emit inside and outside parts.  
ConvexFacetLocationDetail Implementation of FacetLocationDetail for a convex facet.  
FacetFaceData Data for a face in a polyface containing facets.  
FacetIntersectOptions Options for computing and processing facet intersection methods.  
FacetLocationDetailPair A pair of FacetLocationDetail.  
IndexedEdgeMatcher An IndexedEdgeMatcher carries an array (edges) of edges start & end indices for sorting and subsequent analyses (such as testing for closed mesh)  
IndexedPolyface An IndexedPolyface is a set of facets which can have normal, param, and color arrays with independent point,  
IndexedPolyfaceSubsetVisitor An IndexedPolyfaceSubsetVisitor is an IndexedPolyfaceVisitor which only visits a subset of facets in the polyface.  
IndexedPolyfaceVisitor An IndexedPolyfaceVisitor is an iterator-like object that "visits" facets of a mesh.  
NonConvexFacetLocationDetail Implementation of FacetLocationDetail for a general facet, which may or may not be convex.  
OffsetMeshOptions Options carrier for cloneOffset.  
Polyface A Polyface is an abstract mesh structure (of unspecified implementation) that provides a PolyfaceVisitor  
PolyfaceAuxData The PolyfaceAuxData structure contains one or more analytical data channels for each vertex of a Polyface, allowing the polyface to be styled  
PolyfaceBuilder * Simple construction for strongly typed GeometryQuery objects:  
PolyfaceClip PolyfaceClip is a static class gathering operations using Polyfaces and clippers.  
PolyfaceData PolyfaceData carries data arrays for point, normal, uv-parameters, and color, and index arrays for each.  
PolyfaceQuery PolyfaceQuery is a static class whose methods implement queries on a Polyface or PolyfaceVisitor provided as a  
SectorOffsetProperties Sector properties during offset.  
SortableEdge * For boundary sorting, an edge is a (packed!) Float64Array.  
SweepLineStringToFacetsOptions Options carrier for sweeping linework onto meshes.  
TaggedNumericData Structure with 2 integer tags and optional arrays of integers, doubles, points, vectors, and geometry.  
TriangularFacetLocationDetail Implementation of FacetLocationDetail for a triangular facet.  


Name Description  
AuxChannelDataType The types of data that can be represented by an AuxChannelData.  
DuplicateFacetClusterSelector Enumeration of cases for retaining facets among duplicates.  


Name Description  
FacetLocationDetail Carries data about a point in the plane of a facet of a mesh.  
FacetProjectedVolumeSums Structure to return multiple results from volume between facets and plane.  
HoleFillOptions Options carrier for fillSimpleHoles.  
OffsetMeshSelectiveOutputOptions Selective output options for cloneOffset:  
PolyfaceVisitor A PolyfaceVisitor manages data while walking through facets.  


Name Description  
TaggedNumericConstants TaggedNumericConstants defines enums with constant values for use in tags of TaggedNumericData  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AnnounceDrapePanel Announce the points on a drape panel.  
FacetIntersectCallback Callback for processing the detail for an intersected facet.  

Last Updated: 12 June, 2024