Point3dArrayRangeTreeContext Class

Handler class for searching a range tree containing unordered Point3d data.

  • Facilitates multiple searches for closest point and close approach calculations.


Name Description
searchForClosestPoint(spacePoint: Point3d, maxDist?: number): undefined | CurveLocationDetail | CurveLocationDetail[] Search the range tree for closest point(s) to spacePoint.  
createCapture(points: Point3d[], maxChildPerNode: number4, maxAppDataPerLeaf: number4): undefined | Point3dArrayRangeTreeContext Static Create a range tree context with given points:  
searchForClosestApproach(contextA: Point3dArrayRangeTreeContext, contextB: Point3dArrayRangeTreeContext, maxDist?: number): undefined | CurveLocationDetailPair | CurveLocationDetailPair[] Static Search the range trees for closest approach(es) between the point arrays.  


Name Type Description
numPointTest number Diagnostic: number of point distance tests  
numRangeTestFalse number Diagnostic: number of range tests returned false  
numRangeTestTrue number Diagnostic: number of range tests returned true  
numSearch number Diagnostic: number of searches  
points Point3d[] Array of points being searched, indexed by the range tree  

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Last Updated: 13 June, 2024