BasicManipulationCommandIpc Interface

Interface for a backend EditCommand command that provides basic creation and modification operations.



Name Description
deleteElements(ids: string): Promise<IModelStatus>    
insertGeometricElement(props: GeometricElementProps): Promise<string> Create and insert a new geometric element.  
insertGeometryPart(props: GeometryPartProps): Promise<string> Create and insert a new geometry part element.  
requestElementGeometry(id: string, filter?: FlatBufferGeometryFilter): Promise<undefined | ElementGeometryInfo> Request geometry from an existing element.  
rotatePlacement(ids: string, matrix: Matrix3dProps, aboutCenter: boolean): Promise<IModelStatus>    
transformPlacement(ids: string, transform: TransformProps): Promise<IModelStatus>    
updateEcefLocation(ecefLocation: EcefLocationProps): Promise<void> Update the position of the iModel on the earth.  
updateGeometricElement(propsOrId: string | GeometricElementProps, data?: ElementGeometryBuilderParams): Promise<void> Update an existing geometric element.  
updateProjectExtents(extents: Range3dProps): Promise<void> Update the project extents for the iModel.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
ping () => Promise<{ commandId: string, version: string }> EditCommandIpc  

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024