Types used for RPC communication between frontend and backend. Generally should only be used internally by presentation packages.


Name Description  
PresentationRpcInterface Interface used for communication between Presentation backend and frontend.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ContentDescriptorRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content descriptor RPC request options.  
ContentRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content request options. Deprecated
DisplayLabelRpcRequestOptions Data structure for label request options.  
DisplayLabelsRpcRequestOptions Data structure for labels request options.  
DistinctValuesRpcRequestOptions Data structure for distinct values' request options.  
ExtendedContentRpcRequestOptions Data structure for content RPC request options.  
ExtendedHierarchyRpcRequestOptions Data structure for hierarchy request options.  
HierarchyCompareRpcOptions Data structure for comparing presentation data after ruleset or ruleset variable changes.  
HierarchyRpcRequestOptions Data structure for base hierarchy request options. Deprecated
LabelRpcRequestOptions Data structure for label request options. Deprecated
PresentationRpcRequestOptions Base options for all presentation RPC requests.  
PresentationRpcResponse Data structure for presentation RPC responses  
SelectionScopeRpcRequestOptions Data structure for selection scope request options.  

Last Updated: 12 April, 2021