Common types used all across presentation-components package.


Name Description  
ContentDataProvider Base class for all presentation-driven content providers.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
deserializeUniqueValues Function for deserializing displayValues and groupedRawValues.  
PortalTargetContextProvider Provides a portal target for components.  
SchemaMetadataContextProvider Provides schema metadata to components that work with schemas.  
serializeUniqueValues Function for serializing UniqueValue.  
useRulesetRegistration Custom hook which registers supplied Ruleset on mount and removes on unmount. Deprecated
useSchemaMetadataContext Returns context provided by SchemaMetadataContextProvider.  


Name Description  
CacheInvalidationProps Properties for invalidating content cache.  
ContentDataProviderProps Properties for creating a ContentDataProvider instance.  
DiagnosticsProps Settings for capturing diagnostics data.  
IContentDataProvider Interface for all presentation-driven content providers.  
IPresentationDataProvider Interface for a presentation data provider  
IUnifiedSelectionComponent An interface for all unified selection components  
PortalTargetContextProviderProps Props for PortalTargetContextProvider  
SchemaMetadataContext Context that stores metadata related to schemas.  
SchemaMetadataContextProviderProps Props for SchemaMetadataContextProvider  


Name Description  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024