Presentation features for PropertyGrid component.


Name Description  
PresentationPropertyDataProvider Presentation Rules-driven property data provider implementation.  


Name Description  
DEFAULT_PROPERTY_GRID_RULESET Default presentation ruleset used by PresentationPropertyDataProvider. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
propertyGridWithUnifiedSelection A HOC component that adds unified selection functionality to the supplied Deprecated
usePropertyDataProviderWithUnifiedSelection A React hook that adds unified selection functionality to the provided data provider. Beta


Name Description  
PresentationPropertyDataProviderProps Properties for creating a LabelsProvider instance.  
PropertyDataProviderWithUnifiedSelectionProps Props for the usePropertyDataProviderWithUnifiedSelection hook Beta
PropertyGridWithUnifiedSelectionProps Props that are injected to the PropertyGridWithUnifiedSelection HOC component. Deprecated

Type Aliases

Name Description  
IPresentationPropertyDataProvider Interface for presentation rules-driven property data provider.  

Last Updated: 02 April, 2021