Common types used for retrieving presentation data from iModels.


Name Description  
FavoritePropertiesManager The favorite property manager which lets to store favorite properties  
Presentation Static class used to statically set up Presentation library for the frontend.  
PresentationManager Frontend Presentation manager which basically just forwards all calls to  


Name Description  
DefaultFavoritePropertiesStorageTypes Available implementations of IFavoritePropertiesStorage.  
FavoritePropertiesScope Scopes that favorite properties can be stored in.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
consoleDiagnosticsHandler A function which logs messages to the console.  
createCombinedDiagnosticsHandler A function which calls all diagnostics handlers passed to it.  
createFavoritePropertiesStorage A factory method to create one of the available IFavoritePropertiesStorage implementations.  


Name Description  
FavoritePropertiesManagerProps Properties for initializing FavoritePropertiesManager  
FavoritePropertiesOrderInfo Holds the information of favorite properties ordering.  
IFavoritePropertiesStorage Stores user preferences for favorite properties.  
PresentationManagerProps Properties used to configure PresentationManager  
PresentationProps Props for initializing Presentation.  
RulesetManager Presentation ruleset registry.  
RulesetVariablesManager Presentation ruleset variables' registry.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
GetContentRequestOptions Options for requests that retrieve content.  
GetDistinctValuesRequestOptions Options for requests that retrieve distinct values.  
GetNodesRequestOptions Options for requests that retrieve nodes.  
MultipleValuesRequestOptions Options for requests that can return multiple pages of items concurrently.  
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Last Updated: 15 May, 2024