WebGLFeature Enumeration

Enumerates the required and optional WebGL features used by the RenderSystem.


Name Value Description
MrtPick "mrt pick" This feature allows picking to occur more efficiently, using 1 pass instead of 3.
Instancing "instancing" This feature allows instancing of repeated geometry, which can reduce memory consumption.
ShadowMaps "shadow maps" Indicates that shadow maps are supported. Without this feature, shadows cannot be displayed.
AntiAliasing "anti-aliasing" This feature allows the renderer to smooth curved lines.
DepthTexture "depth texture" This feature allows for the display of non-3D classification data and solar shadows.
FragDepth "fragment depth" This feature allows a logarithmic depth buffer to be used. Without this feature, z-fighting will be much more likely to occur.
FloatRendering "float rendering" This feature allows transparency to achieve the optimal quality. Without this feature, overlapping transparent geometry will "wash out" more easily.
MrtTransparency "mrt transparency" This feature allows transparent geometry to be rendered more efficiently, using 1 pass instead of 2.
UintElementIndex "uint element index" This feature ensures large meshes (with more than 21,845 triangles) can be rendered.
StandardDerivatives "standard derivatives" This feature allows the renderer to achieve accurate contour lines for isoline and stepped delimiter modes of thematic display.
MinimalTextureUnits "minimal texture units" This feature indicates that the system has enough texture units available for the shaders to run properly.

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Last Updated: 13 April, 2021