WebGLRenderCompatibilityInfo Interface

Describes the level of compatibility of a client device/browser with the iTwin.js rendering system.


Name Type Description
contextErrorMessage undefined | string If WebGL context creation failed, an error message supplied by the browser.  
createdContext undefined | WebGLContext The WebGL context created by the browser and used to generate the compatibility report.  
driverBugs GraphicsDriverBugs Known bugs associated with the client's graphics driver for which iTwin.js can apply workarounds.  
missingOptionalFeatures WebGLFeature[] Optional features unsupported by this client that would provide improved performance or quality if present.  
missingRequiredFeatures WebGLFeature[] Features that are required by the rendering system but not supported by the client.  
status WebGLRenderCompatibilityStatus Describes the overall status of rendering compatibility.  
unmaskedRenderer undefined | string The renderer string reported by this client's graphics driver.  
unmaskedVendor undefined | string The vendor string reported by this client's graphics driver.  
userAgent string The user agent as reported by the browser.  

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Last Updated: 13 April, 2021