Classes for working with an Item in a Toolbar, Widget, Backstage or Context Menu


Name Description  
ConditionalBooleanValue Class used to return a boolean value.  
ConditionalStringValue Class used to return a string value.  


Name Description  
BadgeType Specifies type of badge, if any, that should be overlaid on UI component.  
RelativePosition Relative Position for popups  
StageUsage Standard stage uses. Deprecated


Name Description  
AbstractActionItemProps Definition for an item that executes and action.  
AbstractMenuItemProps Properties for a Menu item  
AbstractToolbarProps Definition for a Toolbar.  
CommandHandler Definition for a command handler.  
CommonItemProps Definition that specifies properties shared between many ConfigurableUi components.  
ProvidedItem Properties for an item provided by UiItemsProvider Deprecated

Type Aliases

Name Description  
StringGetter Prototype for string getter function.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024