ActionButton Interface

Describes the data needed to insert an action button into a toolbar.



Name Description
execute(): void Readonly function to run when the button is pressed.  


Name Type Description
icon Readonly string | ConditionalStringValue Name of icon WebFont entry or if specifying an imported SVG symbol use "webSvg:" prefix to imported symbol Id.  
label Readonly string | ConditionalStringValue label, shown as tool tip on a button or an item label in a group.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
applicationData Readonly undefined | any ToolbarItem can be used by application to store miscellaneous data.
badgeType Readonly undefined | BadgeType ToolbarItem Describes badge.
description Readonly string | ConditionalStringValue ToolbarItem Optional description
groupPriority Readonly undefined | number ToolbarItem Specifies the item's grouping value.
id Readonly string ToolbarItem Require uniqueId for the item.
internalData Readonly undefined | Map<string, any> ToolbarItem optional data to used by item implementor.
isActive Readonly undefined | boolean ToolbarItem Defines if the item is active (shown with an active stripe/bar).
isDisabled Readonly boolean | ConditionalBooleanValue ToolbarItem Describes if the item is enabled or disabled.
isHidden Readonly boolean | ConditionalBooleanValue ToolbarItem Describes if the item is visible or hidden.
isPressed Readonly undefined | boolean ToolbarItem Describes if the item should appear pressed (used for displaying toggle state).
itemPriority Readonly number ToolbarItem Priority within a toolbar or group.
parentToolGroupId Readonly undefined | string ToolbarItem Optional parent tool group to add tool.
providerId Readonly undefined | string ToolbarItem id of UiItemsProvider

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Last Updated: 03 February, 2023