Common classes used across various UI components.


Name Description  
ShowHideDialog Dialog Component used to toggle show/hide table columns, given through items prop, through a list of checkboxes.  
ShowHideMenu ContextMenu Component used to toggle show/hide items, given through items prop, through a list of checkboxes.  
UiComponents Manages the localization service for the components-react package.  


Name Description  
SelectionMode Selection modes for Table and Tree row selection  
SelectionModeFlags Selection mode flags for Table and Tree row selection  

Global Functions

Name Description  
adjustDateToTimezone Adjust a Date object to show time in one time zone as if it is in the local time zone.  
hasSelectionModeFlag Determines if a SelectionMode is active  
HighlightedText Highlighted text  
Returns a list of links from a text  
toDateString Format a date in a display string, optionally converting to time zone, if specified by timeZoneOffset  
toTimeString Format the time included in a date, optionally converting to time zone, if specified  
useAsyncValue Custom hook for working with possibly async values.  


Name Description  
DateFormatOptions Define formatting options for use when component are generating a formatted date string calling Date.toLocaleTimeString().  
HighlightedTextProps Properties of HighlightedText  
HighlightInfo Item highlight info used for identification of a specific highlight in an item  
HighlightingComponentProps Properties used for highlighting parts in item by given text and actively highlighting one highlight in a distinct item specified in activeHighlight  
IImageLoader Interface for an image loader.  
LoadedBinaryImage Image data for raw images  
LoadedImage Image data for string based images  
PageOptions Paging options.  
ShowHideDialogProps Properties for the ShowHideDialog component used in the Table to show/hide columns.  
ShowHideItem Interface for ShowHide items used to show/hide Table columns.  
ShowHideMenuProps Properties for the ShowHideMenu component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
Image Image data returned by an IImageLoader  
ImageFileFormat Type of raw image format  
ImageSourceType Type of loaded image source:  
ShowHideID Union type for all possible ShowHide IDs  

Last Updated: 11 November, 2022