BackendHubAccess Interface


Methods for accessing services of IModelHub from an iTwin.js backend. Generally direct access to these methods should not be required, since higher-level apis are provided.


Name Description
acquireLocks(arg: BriefcaseDbArg, locks: ): Promise<void> acquire one or more locks.  
acquireNewBriefcaseId(arg: AcquireNewBriefcaseIdArg): Promise<number> Acquire a new briefcaseId for the supplied iModelId  
createNewIModel(arg: CreateNewIModelProps): Promise<string> create a new iModel.  
deleteIModel(arg: IModelIdArg & ITwinIdArg): Promise<void> delete an iModel  
downloadChangeset(arg: DownloadChangesetArg): Promise<ChangesetFileProps> Download a single changeset.  
downloadChangesets(arg: DownloadChangesetRangeArg): Promise<ChangesetFileProps[]> Download all the changesets in the specified range.  
downloadV1Checkpoint(arg: ): Promise<ChangesetIndexAndId> download a v1 checkpoint  
getChangesetFromNamedVersion(arg: IModelIdArg & { versionName: string }): Promise<ChangesetProps> Get the ChangesetProps for a named version  
getChangesetFromVersion(arg: IModelIdArg & { version: IModelVersion }): Promise<ChangesetProps> Get the ChangesetProps for an IModelVersion  
getLatestChangeset(arg: IModelIdArg): Promise<ChangesetProps> Get the ChangesetProps of the most recent changeset  
getMyBriefcaseIds(arg: IModelIdArg): Promise<number[]> get an array of the briefcases assigned to a user.  
pushChangeset(arg: IModelIdArg & { changesetProps: ChangesetFileProps }): Promise<number> Push a changeset to iModelHub.  
queryAllLocks(arg: BriefcaseDbArg): Promise<LockProps[]> Get the list of all held locks for a briefcase.  
queryChangeset(arg: ChangesetArg): Promise<ChangesetProps> Query the changeset properties given a ChangesetIndex  
queryChangesets(arg: ChangesetRangeArg): Promise<ChangesetProps[]> Query an array of changeset properties given a range of ChangesetIndexes  
queryIModelByName(arg: IModelNameArg): Promise<undefined | string> Get the iModelId of an iModel by name.  
queryV2Checkpoint(arg: CheckpointProps): Promise<undefined | > Get the access props for a V2 checkpoint.  
releaseAllLocks(arg: BriefcaseDbArg): Promise<void> Release all currently held locks  
releaseBriefcase(arg: BriefcaseIdArg): Promise<void> Release a briefcaseId.  

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Last Updated: 19 August, 2022