IModelHostConfiguration Class

Configuration of core-backend.



Name Description
constructor(): IModelHostConfiguration    


Name Type Description
appAssetsDir undefined | string The directory where application assets are found.  
authorizationClient undefined | AuthorizationClient   Beta  
cacheDir undefined | string Root of the directory holding all the files that iTwin.js caches  
compressCachedTiles undefined | boolean Whether to compress cached tiles.  
defaultLogTileLoadTimeThreshold Static number    
defaultLogTileSizeThreshold Static number    
defaultTileRequestTimeout Static number    
hubAccess undefined | BackendHubAccess   Beta  
restrictTileUrlsByClientIp undefined | boolean   Beta  
tileCacheAzureCredentials undefined | AzureBlobStorageCredentials   Beta  
tileCacheService undefined | CloudStorageService   Beta  
workspace undefined | WorkspaceOpts   Beta  

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Last Updated: 19 August, 2022