APIs for loading and using Settings and Workspace resources


Name Description  
EditableWorkspaceDb An editable WorkspaceDb. Beta
ITwinWorkspaceDb A local file holding a WorkspaceDb. Beta
SettingsSpecRegistry The registry of available SettingsGroupSpecs. Beta


Name Description  
SettingsPriority Values for SettingsPriority determine the sort order for Settings. Beta


Name Description  
SettingInspector An entry in the array returned by Settings.inspectSetting Beta
SettingObject An object with string-named members (as opposed to an array object). Beta
Settings The current set of Settings for a Workspace. Beta
SettingsGroupSpec The properties of a group of SettingSpecs for an application. Beta
SettingSpec The properties of a Setting, used by the settings editor. Beta
Workspace Settings and resources that customize an application for the current session. Beta
WorkspaceContainer A WorkspaceContainer holds WorkspaceDbs. Beta
WorkspaceDb A WorkspaceDb holds workspace resources. Beta
WorkspaceOpts Options for constructing a Workspace. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ContainerNameOrId supply either container name of id, not both Beta
DictionaryName The name of a SettingDictionary. Beta
SettingDictionary An object with Settings as its members. Beta
SettingName The name of a Setting. Beta
SettingType The type of a Setting, according to its schema Beta
WorkspaceContainerId The unique identifier of a WorkspaceContainer. Beta
WorkspaceContainerName The name of a WorkspaceContainer. Beta
WorkspaceContainerProps Properties that specify a WorkspaceContainer. Beta
WorkspaceDbName The name of a WorkspaceDb within a WorkspaceContainer. Beta
WorkspaceDbProps Properties of a WorkspaceDb Beta
WorkspaceDbVersion The version name for a WorkspaceDb. Beta
WorkspaceResourceName The name for identifying WorkspaceResources in a WorkspaceDb. Beta
WorkspaceResourceProps Properties that specify a WorkspaceResource within a WorkspaceDb. Beta

Last Updated: 06 January, 2022