Miscellaneous utility classes.


Name Description  
AbandonedError Beta
BeDuration A duration of time.  
BeTimePoint A specific point in time relative to the current time.  
ByteStream Allows the contents of an ArrayBuffer  
DisposableList A disposable container of disposable objects.  
OneAtATimeAction Orchestrator of a one-at-a-time activity. Beta
StopWatch A StopWatch for timing operations.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
areEqualPossiblyUndefined Compare two possibly-undefined values for equality.  
asInstanceOf Cast obj to an instance of class T, or return undefined if obj is not an instance of class T.  
assert Asserts that a condition is true and - when enabled - throws an error if it is not.  
base64StringToUint8Array Given a base-64-encoded string, decode it into an array of bytes.  
compareWithTolerance An OrderedComparator for numbers that treats two numbers as equal if the absolute value of their difference is less than a specified tolerance.  
dispose Convenience function for disposing of a disposable object that may be undefined.  
disposeArray Disposes of and empties a list of disposable objects.  
isIDisposable A type guard that checks whether the given argument implements IDisposable interface  
isInstanceOf Returns true if obj is an object of class T.  
omit A runtime property omitter, makes a shallow copy of the given object without the specified properties  
using A 'using' function which is a substitution for .NET's using statement.  
utf8ToString Given an array of bytes containing a utf-8 string, convert to a string.  


Name Description  
IDisposable Interface adopted by a type which has deterministic cleanup logic.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AccessToken A string that contains an access token. Beta
AsyncMethodsOf Extracts the names of all function properties of T that return a Promise.  
ExtractLiterals Extracts a subset of literals U from a union of literals T in a type-safe way. Beta
MarkRequired Make a new type from an existing type T, with set of optional properties K required.  
Mutable The inverse of TypeScript's Readonly type, producing a type that has all the properties of T with any readonly modifiers removed.  
NonFunctionPropertiesOf Produces a type consisting of all of the public properties of T except for those of type function.  
NonFunctionPropertyNamesOf Extracts the names of all public properties of T that are not of type function.  
Optional Make a new type from an existing type T, with set of required properties K optional.  
PickAsyncMethods The members of T that are async functions (functions that return a promise), and no other properties  
PromiseReturnType Extracts the type to which the Promise returned by an async function resolves.  

Last Updated: 03 February, 2023