ContextRealityModel Class

A reality model not associated with a GeometricModel but instead defined in a DisplayStyle or DisplayStyleState. Such reality models are displayed to provide context to the view and can be freely attached and detached at display time.

see this interactive example

see DisplayStyleSettings.contextRealityModels to define context reality models for a display style.


Name Description
constructor(props: ContextRealityModelProps): ContextRealityModel Construct a new context reality model.  
matchesNameAndUrl(name: string, url: string): boolean Returns true if and ContextRealityModel.url match the specified name and url.  
toJSON(): ContextRealityModelProps Convert this model to its JSON representation.  


Name Type Description
_appearanceOverrides Protected undefined | FeatureAppearance    
_displaySettings Protected RealityModelDisplaySettings   Beta  
_planarClipMask Protected undefined | PlanarClipMaskSettings    
appearanceOverrides Accessor undefined | FeatureAppearance Overrides applied to the appearance of the reality model.  
classifiers Readonly undefined | SpatialClassifiers A set of SpatialClassifiers, of which one at any given time can be used to classify the reality model.  
description Readonly string A description of the model suitable for display in a user interface.  
displaySettings Accessor RealityModelDisplaySettings Settings controlling how this reality model is displayed in a Viewport.  
name Readonly string A name suitable for display in a user interface.  
onAppearanceOverridesChanged Readonly BeEvent<(newOverrides: undefined | FeatureAppearance, model: ContextRealityModel) => void> Event dispatched just before assignment to ContextRealityModel.appearanceOverrides.  
onDisplaySettingsChanged Readonly BeEvent<(newSettings: RealityModelDisplaySettings, model: ContextRealityModel) => void> Event dispatched just before assignment to ContextRealityModel.displaySettings. Beta  
onPlanarClipMaskChanged Readonly BeEvent<(newSettings: undefined | PlanarClipMaskSettings, model: ContextRealityModel) => void> Event dispatched just before assignment to ContextRealityModel.planarClipMaskSettings.  
planarClipMaskSettings Accessor undefined | PlanarClipMaskSettings Optionally describes how the geometry of the reality model can be masked by other models.  
rdSourceKey Readonly undefined | RealityDataSourceKey The reality data source key identify the reality data provider and storage format. Beta  
realityDataId Readonly undefined | string An optional identifier that, if present, can be used to elide a request to the reality data service.  
url Readonly string The URL that supplies the 3d tiles for displaying the reality model.  

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Last Updated: 06 January, 2023