PlanProjectionSettings Class

Describes how to draw a plan projection model. A plan projection model is a GeometricModel3d whose geometry all lies in a single XY plane, wherein the Z coordinate of the plane may be arbitrary or flexible. Multiple plan projection models can be combined into one view and drawn as "layers" with relative priorities.

@see - setPlanProjectionSettings to define plan projection settings for a DisplayStyle3dState.


Name Description
clone(changedProps?: PlanProjectionSettingsProps): PlanProjectionSettings Create a copy of this PlanProjectionSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
equals(other: PlanProjectionSettings): boolean Return true if these settings are equivalent to the specified settings.  
toJSON(): PlanProjectionSettingsProps    
fromJSON(props: PlanProjectionSettingsProps): undefined | PlanProjectionSettings Static    


Name Type Description
elevation Readonly number | undefined See elevation  
enforceDisplayPriority Readonly boolean | undefined See enforceDisplayPriority  
overlay Readonly boolean See overlay  
transparency Readonly number | undefined See transparency  

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Last Updated: 13 June, 2024