ClipIntersectionStyle Class

As part of a ClipStyle, describes how to colorize geometry intersecting the clip planes.

@note Edges are highlighted only if ClipIntersectionStyle is true.


Name Description
toJSON(): undefined | ClipIntersectionStyleProps The JSON representation of this style.  
create(color?: RgbColor, width?: number): ClipIntersectionStyle Static Create a highlight from its components.  
fromJSON(props?: ClipIntersectionStyleProps): ClipIntersectionStyle Static    


Name Type Description
color Readonly RgbColor Color to apply to intersection of geometry and clip planes, default white  
defaults Static Readonly ClipIntersectionStyle    
matchesDefaults Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
width Readonly number Number of pixels to be considered intersecting the clip plane, default 1  

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Last Updated: 19 July, 2024