Notifications provide feedback to the user of something of interest. See the learning articles.


Name Description  
ActivityMessageDetails Specifies the details of an activity message to be displayed to the user.  
NotificationManager The NotificationManager controls the interaction with the user for prompts, error messages, and alert dialogs.  
NotifyMessageDetails Describes a message to be displayed to the user.  


Name Description  
ActivityMessageEndReason Reason for ending the activity message via endActivityMessage  
MessageBoxIconType Describes the icon displayed in a messagebox opened using openMessageBox.  
MessageBoxType Describes the set of buttons displayed in a message box opened using openMessageBox.  
MessageBoxValue Describes the possible return values produced when the user clicks a button in a messagebox opened using openMessageBox.  
OutputMessageAlert Describes the alert behavior of a NotifyMessageDetails.  
OutputMessagePriority Classifies a NotifyMessageDetails by its level of importance.  
OutputMessageType Describes the type and behavior of a NotifyMessageDetails.  


Name Description  
ToolTipOptions Describes the behavior of a tooltip created using openToolTip.  

Last Updated: 19 July, 2024