EditManipulator Namespace

Classes and methods to create on screen control handles for interactive modification of element(s) and pickable decorations. The basic flow is:

  • Create a sub-class of EditManipulator.HandleProvider to listen for start of SelectTool or any other PrimitiveTool that supports handle providers.
  • Respond to ManipulatorToolEvent.Start by adding a listener for SelectionSet change event.
  • Respond to selection changed event to create control handles as pickable decorations when the desired element(s) or pickable decoration is selected.
  • Respond to button events on the control handle decoration and run a sub-class of EditManipulator.HandleTool to modify.


Name Description
EditManipulator.EventType Specifies the event for EditManipulator.HandleProvider.onManipulatorEvent


Name Description
EditManipulator.HandleProvider A handle provider maintains a set of controls used to modify element(s) or pickable decorations.
EditManipulator.HandleTool Interactive control handle modification is done by installing an InputCollector.
EditManipulator.HandleUtils Utility methods for creating control handles and other decorations.

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Last Updated: 04 December, 2023