ToolSettingsState Class

Maintains the state of tool settings properties for the current session.

@see ToolAdmin.toolSettingsState to access the state for the current session.


Name Description
constructor(): ToolSettingsState    
getInitialToolSettingValue(toolId: string, propertyName: string): undefined | DialogItemValue Retrieve saved tool settings DialogItemValue by property name.  
getInitialToolSettingValues(toolId: string, propertyNames: string[]): undefined | DialogPropertyItem[] Retrieve an array of DialogPropertyItem with the values latest values that were used in the session.  
saveToolSettingProperties(toolId: string, tsProps: DialogPropertyItem[]): void Save an array of tool settings values to session storage  
saveToolSettingProperty(toolId: string, item: DialogPropertyItem): void Save single tool settings value to session storage.  

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Last Updated: 04 December, 2023