ViewClipDecorationProvider Class

An implementation of ViewClipEventHandler that responds to new clips by presenting clip modification handles



Name Description
constructor(): ViewClipDecorationProvider    
clearOnDeselect(): boolean Stop displaying clip geometry when clip is removed from the selection set.  
hideDecoration(): void    
isDecorationActive(vp: ScreenViewport): boolean    
onClearClip(viewport: ScreenViewport): void Called when the view clip is cleared from the view.  
onModifyClip(viewport: ScreenViewport): void Called by tools after modifying the view clip.  
onNewClip(viewport: ScreenViewport): void Called by tools that set or replace the existing view clip with a new clip.  
onNewClipPlane(viewport: ScreenViewport): void Called by tools that add a single plane to the view clip.  
onRightClick(hit: HitDetail, ev: BeButtonEvent): boolean Called when user right clicks on clip geometry or clip modify handle.  
selectOnCreate(): boolean Add newly created clip geometry to selection set and show modify controls.  
showDecoration(vp: ScreenViewport): void    
toggleDecoration(vp: ScreenViewport): Promise<undefined | string>    
clear(): void Static    
create(): ViewClipDecorationProvider Static    


Name Type Description
clearDecorationOnDeselect boolean    
onActiveClipChanged Readonly BeEvent<(viewport: Viewport, eventType: ClipEventType, provider: ViewClipDecorationProvider) => void> Called when the active clip for a view is changed  
onActiveClipRightClick Readonly BeEvent<(hit: HitDetail, ev: BeButtonEvent, provider: ViewClipDecorationProvider) => void> Called on a right click over the clip geometry or clip modify handle.  
selectDecorationOnCreate boolean    

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Last Updated: 04 December, 2023