RelationshipConstraint Class


A Typescript class representation of a ECRelationshipConstraint.



Name Description
constructor(relClass: RelationshipClass, relEnd: RelationshipEnd, roleLabel?: string, polymorphic?: boolean): RelationshipConstraint    
addClass(constraint: EntityClass | Mixin | RelationshipClass): void Adds the provided class as a constraint class to this constraint.  
addCustomAttribute(customAttribute: CustomAttribute): void Protected    
fromJSON(relationshipConstraintProps: RelationshipConstraintProps): Promise<void>    
fromJSONSync(relationshipConstraintProps: RelationshipConstraintProps): void    
supportsClass(ecClass: ECClass): Promise<boolean> Indicates if the provided ECClass is supported by this RelationshipConstraint.  
toJSON(): RelationshipConstraintProps Save this RelationshipConstraint's properties to an object for serializing to JSON.  
classCompatibleWithConstraint(constraintClass: ECClass, testClass: ECClass, isPolymorphic: boolean): Promise<boolean> Static Indicates if an ECClass is of the type or applies to the type (if a mixin) of the ECClass specified by the constraintClass parameter.  


Name Type Description
_abstractConstraint Protected undefined | LazyLoadedRelationshipConstraintClass    
_constraintClasses Protected undefined | LazyLoadedRelationshipConstraintClass[]    
_multiplicity Protected undefined | RelationshipMultiplicity    
_polymorphic Protected undefined | boolean    
_relationshipClass Protected RelationshipClass    
_relationshipEnd Protected RelationshipEnd    
_roleLabel Protected undefined | string    
abstractConstraint Accessor undefined | LazyLoadedRelationshipConstraintClass    
constraintClasses Accessor ReadOnly undefined | LazyLoadedRelationshipConstraintClass[]    
customAttributes Accessor ReadOnly undefined | CustomAttributeSet    
fullName Accessor ReadOnly string Returns the constraint name, ie.  
isSource Accessor ReadOnly boolean True if this RelationshipConstraint is the Source relationship end.  
multiplicity Accessor ReadOnly undefined | RelationshipMultiplicity    
polymorphic Accessor ReadOnly undefined | boolean    
relationshipClass Accessor ReadOnly RelationshipClass    
relationshipEnd Accessor ReadOnly RelationshipEnd    
roleLabel Accessor ReadOnly undefined | string    
schema Accessor ReadOnly Schema Returns the schema of the RelationshipClass.  

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Last Updated: 09 November, 2021