SchemaLoader Class

A utility class for loading EC Schema objects using a function that returns schema json for a given schema name. Loaded schemas are held in memory within a schema context managed by SchemaLoader. The SchemaLoader object should be held in memory if multiple calls to SchemaLoader.getSchema or SchemaLoader.tryGetSchema is a possibility, thereby avoiding unnecessary schema retrievals from the function.

** Example **

// To use the schemas already in an iModel create a SchemaLoader that pulls schemas from the iModel
// The SchemaLoader can load schemas from another location or you can create an empty context using the
// SchemaContext constructor
const loader = new SchemaLoader((name) => iModelDb.getSchemaProps(name));
const editor = new SchemaContextEditor(loader.context);


Name Description
constructor(getSchema: SchemaPropsGetter): SchemaLoader    
getSchema<T extends Schema<T>>(schemaName: string): T Get a schema by name  
tryGetSchema<T extends Schema<T>>(schemaName: string): undefined | T Attempts to get a schema by name  


Name Type Description
context Accessor ReadOnly SchemaContext Gets the SchemaContext used by the loader.  

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Last Updated: 04 December, 2023