EditCommandAdmin Class

EditCommandAdmin holds a mapping between commandIds and their corresponding EditCommand class. This provides the mechanism to run EditCommands by commandId. It also keeps track of the currently active EditCommand. When a new EditCommand attempts to start, the active EditCommand is requested to finish, and the new EditCommand cannot start until it does.


Name Description
constructor(): EditCommandAdmin    
finishCommand(): Promise<void> Static If any command is currently active, wait for it to finish.  
register(commandType: undefined): void Static Register an EditCommand class.  
registerModule(moduleObj: any): void Static Register all the EditCommand classes found in a module.  
runCommand(cmd: EditCommand): Promise<any> Static Start running the specified command.  
unRegister(commandId: string): void Static Un-register a previously registered EditCommand class.  


Name Type Description
activeCommand Accessor StaticReadOnly undefined | EditCommand    
commands StaticReadonly Map<string, >    

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024