ContentFlags Enumeration

Flags that control content format.


Name Value Description
KeysOnly 1 Each content record only has InstanceKey and no data
ShowImages 2 Each content record additionally has an image id
ShowLabels 4 Each content record additionally has a display label
MergeResults 8 All content records are merged into a single record (see Merging values)
DistinctValues 16 Content has only distinct values
NoFields 32 Doesn't create property or calculated fields. Can be used in conjunction with ContentFlags.ShowLabels.
IncludeInputKeys 256 Set related input keys on Item objects when creating content. This helps identify which Item is associated to which
given input key at the cost of performance creating those items.
DescriptorOnly 512 Produce content descriptor that is not intended for querying content. Allows the implementation to omit certain
operations to make obtaining content descriptor faster.


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Last Updated: 23 January, 2023