Types for defining the presentation ruleset.


Name Description  
ChildNodeSpecificationTypes Used for serializing array of ChildNodeSpecification  
ContentSpecificationTypes Used for serializing array of ContentSpecification  
GroupingSpecificationTypes Available types of GroupingSpecification.  
InstanceLabelOverrideValueSpecificationType Types of possible InstanceLabelOverride label values.  
PropertyEditorParameterTypes Used for serializing array of PropertyEditorParameters to JSON  
PropertyGroupingValue Used in PropertyGroup to specify the type of value to use Deprecated
QuerySpecificationTypes Used for serializing array of QuerySpecification to JSON.  
RelatedPropertiesSpecialValues Special values that can be used in propertyNames  
RelationshipDirection Defines direction of a relationship that should be followed  
RelationshipMeaning Meaning of the relationship.  
RuleTypes Used for serializing Rule objects to JSON.  
SameLabelInstanceGroupApplicationStage Specifies hierarchy creation stages used to apply SameLabelInstanceGroup grouping.  
VariableValueType Available value types of user-controllable variables  


Name Description  
CalculatedPropertiesSpecification This content modifier allows including additional calculated properties into the content.  
CheckBoxRule CheckBox rules provide a way to create a checkbox for specific types of ECInstance's. Deprecated
ChildNodeRule Child node rules are used to define child nodes in a hierarchy.  
ChildNodeSpecificationBase Base interface for all ChildNodeSpecification implementations.  
ClassGroup Base class grouping allows grouping ECInstance nodes by their base class (as opposed to the hierarchy  
ConditionContainer Container of a condition property. Deprecated
ContentInstancesOfSpecificClassesSpecification This specification creates content for all instances of specific ECClasses.  
ContentModifier Content modifiers are used to modify how instances of specified ECClasses are displayed in content which is  
ContentModifiersList Contains various rule attributes that allow modifying returned content.  
ContentRelatedInstancesSpecification Returns content for instances related to the selected (input) instances.  
ContentRule Content rules are used to define content that is displayed for specific type of input.  
ContentSpecificationBase Base interface for all ContentSpecification implementations.  
CustomNodeSpecification Returns a static custom-defined node that's not based on an ECInstance.  
CustomQueryInstanceNodesSpecification Returns nodes for instances returned by a provided ECSQL query.  
CustomRendererSpecification This specification allows defining a custom renderer, which can be used to render properties or categories.  
DefaultGroupingPropertiesContainer A container of default grouping properties.  
DefaultPropertyCategoryOverride A rule that allows overriding the default property category.  
DisabledSortingRule Rule to disable sorting for certain ECInstances in the hierarchy and/or content.  
ECPropertyValueQuerySpecification The specification specifies the name of the parent node instance property whose value is the ECSQL  
ExtendedDataRule Extended data rule is used to inject some arbitrary data into presentation data objects (nodes, content records).  
GroupingRule Grouping rules provide advanced ways to group instances when creating hierarchies.  
GroupingSpecificationBase Base interface for all GroupingSpecification implementations.  
IdCategoryIdentifier Identifier of a category specified through PropertyCategorySpecification in this scope.  
ImageIdOverride ImageId override rules allow setting an image ID to specific types of ECInstances. Deprecated
InstanceLabelOverride Instance label override rule provides a way to set instance label to one of its property values,  
InstanceLabelOverrideBriefcaseIdSpecification Specification returns ECInstance's briefcase ID in base36 format.  
InstanceLabelOverrideClassLabelSpecification Specification uses ECClass display label as the label content.  
InstanceLabelOverrideClassNameSpecification Specification uses ECClass name as the label content.  
InstanceLabelOverrideCompositeValueSpecification Specification allows creating a label value composited using multiple other specifications.  
InstanceLabelOverrideLocalIdSpecification Specification returns ECInstance's local ID in base36 format.  
InstanceLabelOverridePropertyValueSpecification Specification uses property value as the label content.  
InstanceLabelOverrideRelatedInstanceLabelSpecification Specification uses label of another related instance as the label content.  
InstanceLabelOverrideStringValueSpecification Specification uses the specified value as the label content.  
InstanceLabelOverrideValueSpecificationBase Base interface for all InstanceLabelOverrideValueSpecification implementations.  
InstanceNodesOfSpecificClassesSpecification Returns nodes for instances of specific ECClasses.  
LabelOverride Label override rules provide advanced ways to override instance labels and descriptions in Deprecated
MultiSchemaClassesSpecification This specification lists ECClasses which should be targeted when creating content or hierarchy nodes.  
NavigationRuleBase Base class for all NavigationRule implementations.  
NoCategoryIdentifier Identifier for no category.  
NodeArtifactsRule Node artifacts rules are used to create and assign artifacts to specific nodes.  
ParentCategoryIdentifier Identifier of the default parent category.  
PropertyCategorySpecification Content modifier for defining custom property categories.  
PropertyEditorJsonParameters Arbitrary JSON parameters for custom property editors  
PropertyEditorMultilineParameters Multiline parameters for property editors that support multiline display  
PropertyEditorParametersBase Base interface for PropertyEditorParameters.  
PropertyEditorRangeParameters Range parameters for property editors that support ranges  
PropertyEditorSliderParameters Slider parameters for property editors that support slider display  
PropertyEditorSpecification This specification allows assigning a custom property editor to specific properties.  
PropertyGroup Property grouping allows grouping by a property of the instance by value or by given ranges of values.  
PropertyOverrides A container structure for possible property overrides  
PropertyRangeGroupSpecification Describes a grouping range.  
PropertySortingRule Rule to configure sorting for certain ECInstances in the hierarchy and/or content.  
PropertySpecification This specification allows overriding some attributes of specific ECProperty or define how it's displayed.  
QuerySpecificationBase Base interface for all QuerySpecification implementations.  
RelatedInstanceByPathSpecification A type of RelatedInstanceSpecification that joins related instances by a relationship path.  
RelatedInstanceByTargetInstancesSpecification A type of RelatedInstanceSpecification that joins related instances by target class and instance IDs.  
RelatedInstanceNodesSpecification Produces ECInstance nodes that are related to some source ECInstance.  
RelatedInstanceSpecificationBase Defines base attributes for RelatedInstanceByPathSpecification and RelatedInstanceByTargetInstancesSpecification.  
RelatedPropertiesSpecification This specification allows including related instance properties into the content.  
RelationshipStepSpecification Specification of a single step in RelationshipPathSpecification.  
RepeatableRelationshipStepSpecification Specification of a single step in RepeatableRelationshipPathSpecification.  
RequiredSchemaSpecification This specification is designed for specifying schema requirements for the Ruleset or specific  
RootCategoryIdentifier Identifier of the root category.  
RootNodeRule Root node rules are used to define nodes that are displayed at the root hierarchy level.  
RuleBase Base interface for all Rule implementations.  
Ruleset Presentation ruleset is a list of rules that define tree hierarchy and content provided by  
SameLabelInstanceGroup Allows grouping multiple instances with the same label into one ECInstances type of node.  
SchemasSpecification Specification for a list of ECSchemas  
SelectedNodeInstancesSpecification Returns content for selected (input) instances.  
SingleSchemaClassSpecification This specification is used to point to specific ECClass.  
SortingRuleBase Sorting rules provide a way to either disable sorting or sort instances by specific properties.  
StringQuerySpecification The specification contains an ECSQL query which is used to query for instances.  
StyleOverride Style override rules allow customizing display style of specific types of ECInstances. Deprecated
SubCondition This is a sub-rule which shares placement attributes and  
SupplementationInfo Contains supplementation-related information for  
Variable Definition for single user-controllable variable  
VariablesGroup Presentation rules support variables that allow having additional customization of the hierarchy  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
CategoryIdentifier Category identifier used to assign properties to a category.  
ChildNodeSpecification Hierarchy rule specifications that define what nodes are going to be returned by the rule.  
ContentSpecification Content rule specifications which define what content is returned  
CustomizationRule Customization rules allow customizing each node or content item separately.  
GroupingSpecification Grouping rule specifications.  
InstanceLabelOverrideValueSpecification Specification to define how the label for InstanceLabelOverride should be created.  
NavigationRule Navigation rules are used to define hierarchies displayed in tree components.  
PropertyEditorParameters Parameters for PropertyEditorSpecification  
QuerySpecification Query specifications used in CustomQueryInstanceNodesSpecification.  
RelatedInstanceSpecification Related instance specification is used in content  
RelationshipPathSpecification Relationship path specification is used to define a relationship path to an ECClass.  
RepeatableRelationshipPathSpecification This specification declares a step in a relationship path between a source and target ECInstances.  
Rule A union of all presentation rule types.  
SortingRule Sorting rules provide a way to either disable sorting or sort instances by specific properties.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024