RuleBase Interface

Base interface for all Rule implementations.


Name Type Description
onlyIfNotHandled undefined | boolean Tells the library that the rule should only be handled if no other rule of the same type was handled previously (based on rule  
priority undefined | number Defines the order in which rules are handled, higher number means the rule is handled first.  
requiredSchemas undefined | RequiredSchemaSpecification[] A list of ECSchema requirements that need to be met for the rule to be used.  
ruleType "RootNodes" | "ChildNodes" | "Content" | "ContentModifier" | "DefaultPropertyCategoryOverride" | "Grouping" | "PropertySorting" | "DisabledSorting" | "NodeArtifacts" | "InstanceLabelOverride" | "LabelOverride" | "CheckBox" | "ImageIdOverride" | "StyleOverride" | "ExtendedData" Used for serializing to JSON.  

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Last Updated: 26 February, 2024