Utilities for creating filters for filtering presentation data.

Global Functions

Name Description  
convertToInstanceFilterDefinition Converts PresentationInstanceFilter built by PresentationInstanceFilterBuilder component into Beta
isPresentationInstanceFilterConditionGroup Function that checks if supplied PresentationInstanceFilter is PresentationInstanceFilterConditionGroup. Beta
PresentationInstanceFilterBuilder Component for building complex instance filters for filtering Content and Nodes produced by PresentationManager. Beta
PresentationInstanceFilterDialog Dialog component that renders PresentationInstanceFilterBuilder inside. Beta
usePresentationInstanceFilteringProps Custom hook that extracts properties and classes from Descriptor and creates props that can be used by InstanceFilterBuilder component. Beta


Name Description  
PresentationInstanceFilterBuilderProps Props for PresentationInstanceFilterBuilder component. Beta
PresentationInstanceFilterCondition Data structure that describes single filter condition. Beta
PresentationInstanceFilterConditionGroup Data structure that describes group of filter condition joined by logical operator. Beta
PresentationInstanceFilterDialogProps Props for PresentationInstanceFilterDialog component. Beta
PresentationInstanceFilterInfo Data structure that stores information about filter built by PresentationInstanceFilterBuilder. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
PresentationInstanceFilter Type that describes instance filter based on Descriptor fields. Beta

Last Updated: 17 March, 2023