PresentationTreeDataProvider Class

Presentation Rules-driven tree data provider.



Name Description
constructor(props: PresentationTreeDataProviderProps): PresentationTreeDataProvider Constructor.  
dispose(): void Destructor.  
getFilteredNodePaths(filter: string): Promise<NodePathElement[]> Returns filtered node paths.  
getNodeKey(node: TreeNodeItem): NodeKey Returns a NodeKey from given TreeNodeItem.  
getNodes(parentNode?: TreeNodeItem, pageOptions?: PageOptions): Promise<DelayLoadedTreeNodeItem[]> Returns nodes  
getNodesCount(parentNode?: TreeNodeItem): Promise<number> Returns the total number of nodes  


Name Type Description
imodel Accessor ReadOnly IModelConnection IModelConnection used by this data provider  
pagingSize Accessor undefined | number Paging options for obtaining nodes.  
rulesetId Accessor ReadOnly string Id of the ruleset used by this data provider  

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Last Updated: 17 March, 2023