Types related to unified selection.


Name Description  
HiliteSetProvider Presentation-based provider which uses presentation ruleset to determine  
SelectionChangeEvent An event broadcasted on selection changes  
SelectionHandler A class that handles selection changes and helps to change  
SelectionManager The selection manager which stores the overall selection.  
SelectionScopesManager A manager that knows available selection scopes  


Name Description  
SelectionChangeType The type of selection change  

Global Functions

Name Description  
getScopeId Determines the scope id Deprecated


Name Description  
HiliteSet A set of model, subcategory and element ids that can be used for specifying  
HiliteSetProviderProps Properties for creating a HiliteSetProvider instance.  
ISelectionProvider Selection provider interface which provides main selection and sub-selection.  
SelectionChangeEventArgs The event object that's sent when the selection changes.  
SelectionHandlerProps Properties for creating a SelectionHandler instance.  
SelectionManagerProps Properties for creating SelectionManager.  
SelectionScopesManagerProps Properties for creating SelectionScopesManager.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  

Last Updated: 21 November, 2022