Classes used to construct a Toolbar


Name Description  
ToolbarHelper Helper functions for defining a Toolbar items used in Toolbar, ToolbarComposer and UiItemsProvider.  


Name Description  
ToolbarOrientation Used to specify the orientation of the toolbar.  
ToolbarUsage Used to specify the usage of the toolbar which determine the toolbar position.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
isToolbarActionItem ToolbarActionItem type guard.  
isToolbarCustomItem ToolbarCustomItem type guard.  
isToolbarGroupItem ToolbarGroupItem type guard.  
Toolbar Component that displays toolbar items.  
ToolbarComposer Toolbar that is populated and maintained by UI item providers.  
ToolbarWithOverflow Component that displays toolbar items, displaying only the elements that can fit in the available space,  
useDefaultToolbarItems Hook that returns items from ToolbarItemsManager. Deprecated
useUiItemsProviderToolbarItems Hook that retrieves active frontstage toolbar items from UiItemsProviders and manage them through ToolbarItemsManager. Deprecated


Name Description  
CommonToolbarItem Describes the data needed to insert a UI items into an existing set of UI items.  
ExtensibleToolbarProps Properties for the ToolbarComposer React components  
OverflowToolbarOptions Properties of enableOverflow component.  
ToolbarActionItem Describes the data needed to insert an action button into a toolbar.  
ToolbarCustomItem Describes the data needed to insert a custom button into a toolbar.  
ToolbarGroupItem Describes the data needed to insert a group button into a toolbar.  
ToolbarProps Properties of Toolbar component.  
ToolbarWithOverflowProps Component that displays toolbar items.  


Name Description  
ToolbarItemUtilities Helper class to create toolbar items.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ToolbarItem Any Button Type that can be inserted into a toolbar.  

Last Updated: 07 June, 2024