RealityModelDisplaySettings Class


Settings that control how a reality model - whether a ContextRealityModel or a persistent reality Model - is displayed within a Viewport.

see ContextRealityModel.displaySettings to apply these settings to a context reality model.

see DisplayStyleSettings.setRealityModelDisplaySettings to apply these settings to a persistent reality model.

note This is an immutable type - to modify its properties, use RealityModelDisplaySettings.clone.


Name Description
clone(changedProps: RealityModelDisplayProps): RealityModelDisplaySettings Create a copy of these settings, identical except for any properties explicitly specified by changedProps.  
equals(other: RealityModelDisplaySettings): boolean Returns true if these settings are identical to other.  
toJSON(): undefined | RealityModelDisplayProps Convert these settings to their JSON representation, which is undefined if all of their properties match the default settings.  
fromJSON(props?: RealityModelDisplayProps): RealityModelDisplaySettings Static Create display settings from their JSON representation.  


Name Type Description
defaults Static RealityModelDisplaySettings Settings with all properties initialized to their default values.  
overrideColorRatio Readonly number If the reality model's color is overridden with another color, a ratio in [0..1] with which to mix the two colors together.  
pointCloud Readonly PointCloudDisplaySettings Settings that apply specifically to point cloud reality models.  

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Last Updated: 06 January, 2023